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Toolkit: Acclimatise & CDKN: Green Climate Fund Proposal Toolkit
Category: Financial Services, Latest News

The toolkit provides indispensable guidance covering:

Things to know before applying: The toolkit provides an overview of the amount and type of funding available along with the role of the key actors involved, such as National Designated Authorities, Accredited Entities and Executing Entities.

Proposal design elements: The toolkit presents how to prepare a logic framework, develop a Gender Assessment and Action Plan and justify the rationale for GCF involvement (the “exit strategy”)

Proposal template: A detailed description of all the sections and their expected content is provided.

The main steps of proposal preparation: Users are guided through the preparation of a fully-fledged funding proposal with a detailed overview of the information required as well as the tools and methods from the collection of baseline data to the budget’s preparation.

The GCF project cycle: The toolkit breaks down the GCF project cycle into its various phases, from concept note submission to project closure. Users will get a better understanding of the time frames and organisations involved along the way. 

Concept note preparation: The toolkit includes a checklist on how to get started if you decide to submit a concept note before the proposal.

Project preparation: Applicants can seek assistance to turn a concept note into a full funding proposal under the GCF’s Project Preparation Facility (PPF). The toolkit provides guidance on how to access the PPF.

This toolkit was developed to assit you in understanding what makes a funding proposal bankable and successful when it is reviewed during a GCF board meeting. The authors from our climate finance team have leveraged their experience in assisting countries and entities access GCF funding and share tips and guidelines to help you work in the most efficient way possible. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any question.



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