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Case Study: Acclimatise, GST, NCEI: Success Stories on User Engagement - The Reinsurance Industry
Category: Financial Services, Latest News

This report examines user engagement with NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information’s (NCEI) climate and weather data. It demonstrates the value that the free and publicly available provision of NCEI’s climate and weather data has provided to the reinsurance sector. The extensive research and interviews that inform this case study, supplemented by desk-based research, detail how the reinsurance industry is using NCEI’s climate and weather data, for what purpose, and ultimately what benefit the use of these data have provided to the sector. As documented in this report NCEI’s climate and weather data are of fundamental importance to the reinsurance sector, a sector which in turn provides an invaluable service to the federal government and the American and international public; that is, providing economic insulation from the impacts of major catastrophes. 

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