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Report: The Economist Intelligence Unit: Towards disaster-risk sensitive investments: The disaster risk-integrated operational risk model
Category: Government & Policy, Latest News

The impact of disasters is growing over time, and the need to consider disaster risk as a core element of a comprehensive and coherent business strategy is increasingly compelling. Nonetheless, disaster risk is often still considered as a stand-alone component of business risk, often a “tail-risk”, hard to measure and, therefore, overlooked. In 2014 UNISDR launched R!SE (now ARISE), a global initiative under the umbrella of the UN, with the objective of fostering a transition from managing disasters to managing risks and promoting the creation of “risk-resilient societies”. One of the objectives of ARISE is to shift this paradigm and make disaster risk a fundamental aspect of business planning. This document contains the methodology and key findings of a policy-benchmarking framework that assesses country-specific policies and institutions for disaster-risk management.


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