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Report: US Government Accountability Office (GAO): Army Corps of Engineers: Efforts to Assess the Impact of Extreme Weather Events
Category: Defence & Security, Government & Policy, Latest News

Major infrastructure projects undertaken by the US Army Corps of Engineers are at risk from climate change impacts like extreme weather and sea level rise. This, according to a recent report from the US Government Accountability Office (GAO), is compounded by the fact that the Army Corps has only just started to assess the scale of the vulnerability, and suffers from a lack of funding to do so effectively.

The Army Corps of Engineers is an agency that doesn’t always grab the headlines, yet the amount and scale, of work undertaken by its 37,000 military and civilian staff, is staggering. Picking some headline figures from the agency’s website, the Corps owns or operates: 609 dams, 257 navigation locks, 75 hydroelectric power plants (24% of total US capacity), 12,000 miles of navigable rivers, and 609 coastal or inland harbours.To top it all, it is also the nation’s number one provider of outdoor recreation with more than 368 million visits to thousands of sites across the country.

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