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NEWS / We have lift off: Acclimatise watch launch of European Space Agency mission
Category: Latest News, Transport & Communications


Image: Acclimatise attended the Aerospace Wales event to watch the live launch of the European Space Agency mission that saw British Astronaut Tim Peake, blasted into space: Image: Acclimatise

Acclimatise's Alastair Baglee was in attendance at a live-stream event to watch British Astronaut Tim Peake blast into space on the European Space Agency's Soyuz rocket. Tim became the first Briton to be selected as an ESA astronaut. The event took place at The Senedd (Welsh Assembly) building in Cardiff and was hosted by the Welsh Government.

Acclimatise is part of Aerospace Wales' 'Companies Forum' thanks to our work using satellite data for climate change vulernability assessments.