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NEWS / US Department of Defense issues new climate change directive
Category: Defence & Security


Image: 9 Flattops at Norfolk naval base, December 20, 2012. Picture taken by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ernest R. Scott.”
Picture is in Public Domain
Elisa Jiménez Alonso

Last month the US Department of Defense (DoD) issued a new directive with the title “Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience”. The document is meant to help the DoD assess and manage climate change impacts.

In order for the DoD to adapt its operations to possible climate-related impacts and maintain an effective and efficient military, it will identify and assess the effects of climate change to its mission. The DoD will take climate impacts into consideration when developing plans and implementation procedures. Also, the department will build resilience by anticipating and managing potential climate-risks.

Some US military sites are already noticing climate-related effects. In Hampton Roads, Virginia, the largest concentration of US military sites in the world regularly experiences flooding. The DoD has already started to address the potential sea-level rise of around 0.5 meters within the next 20 to 50 years.

The Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and the Director of National Intelligence will have to coordinate on a number of aspects, from risks and potential impacts to vulnerabilities and effects of climate change on defense intelligence programmes. The primary climate change adaptation official of the DoD is the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy, Installations, and Environment who among other things will oversee the climate change adaptation and resilience research and the identification and management of climate change related risks.


Download the document here.

Acclimatise is currently working with the DoD to help build the climate resilience of its bases in the US.