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NEWS / Setting India's cities on the road to resilience
Category: Government & Policy, Latest News

Image: Traffic in a street corner Varanasi Benares India: Jorge Royan: CC by 3.0

This is an excerpt from a newly published article based on a new publication Road to Resilience: Synergy for Sustainable Cities” from TARU Leading Edge. To read the full article please click here.


By Jennifer Steeves,

Access to safe water, clean air, a healthy environment and less time spent commuting on congested roads – these are things all city dwellers no doubt would say “yes” to. Yet with more and more people moving into cities and the urbanisation trend projected to increase, there is a huge demand for resources such as food, water, energy, putting pressure on urban systems.

Millions of urban citizens face a number of challenges that affect their quality of life, including contaminated water, lack of waste disposal facilities, electricity shortages, water and food-borne illnesses and reduced mobility due to lack of public transport and heavy road congestion. Climate change poses an additional stress that will exacerbate these existing issues. Evidence shows that increasing temperatures, changing patterns of precipitation and rising sea levels are already disrupting city lives and livelihoods. Considering the myriad complex and interconnected issues modern Indian cities are currently facing, how can we improve life in urban spaces and ensure we are prepared for an increasingly uncertain future?

This very question is examined in a new book,“Road to Resilience: Synergy for Sustainable Cities”, published by TARU Leading Edge. The book sets out practical solutions for creating a new paradigm for cities we would like to live in: cities that are sustainable and resilient...  To read the full article please click here.


Listen to an audio abstract with the book's author and TARU chairman Mr GK Bhat: