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Robin HamakerPolicy Analyst
Robin Hamaker

Robin is a Policy Analyst at Acclimatise.

Based in Acclimatise's Cardiff office, Robin is coordinating Acclimatise’s participation in the European Commission’s Horizon 20-20 EU-MACS project. The project analyses the current state of climate services in Europe, aiming to improve the accessibility of climate information to finance, tourism and urban planning sectors. Robin also works on adaptation and risk resilience projects in the UK.

Before joining Acclimatise, Robin worked in the public and commercial energy sectors in the UK and US for five years, assisting a variety of clients to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Robin’s previous academic research has ranged from looking at the role of the state in climate change adaptation in India, to conducting greenhouse gas emissions surveys in California. As such, she has a strong interest in the overlap between climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

Robin holds an MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a BSc in Environmental Science and Political Science from Humboldt State University.