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Dr Ana Pinheiro PrivetteAcclimatise Associate
Dr Ana Pinheiro Privette

Ana is the Founder and Principal at Climate Data Solutions, LLC, and is an Acclimatise Associate

An environmental engineer and researcher, Ana specialises in the management of projects on climate change, climate data innovation, and vulnerability and risk assessment. She has 20 years of professional experience and spent most of her career as a contractor for NASA and NOAA, in the US. Ana has extensive experience in data collection, data production, data analysis, and data management, as well as scientific project management.

In addition, she has worked with the decision-makers to understand their data needs and operational processes, and with the climate science community to ensure data-to-result traceability as part of the US National Climate Assessment team. Most recently, Ana supported the US President’s Climate Data Initiative, as the project manager, coordinating the effort of the US Federal Government to identify and catalog data and resources relevant to support climate resilience, and encourage entrepreneurship and data innovation around those data. 

Recognising the complex nature of climate and weather-related impacts, Ana believes in a cross-sectoral, data rich, approach to decision making and planning. She explores the use of data to better understand the natural environment and to design strategies that improve the resilience of systems to changing weather and climate.

Ana is the Founder and Principal at Climate Data Solutions, LLC designed to help businesses and communities better formulate their climate problems, design solutions that minimize risk and enhance opportunities, and identify and access the right data and tools for the tasks.