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Dr Johnathan FisherAcclimatise Associate
Dr Johnathan Fisher

Johnathan is a environmental economist and an Acclimatise Associate.

Jonathan is currently a freelance consultant on economic aspects of climate change adaptation, water and flood risk management, green growth and economic appraisal techniques.

He has more than 35 years experience of delivering practical applied economic analyses of many environmental issues. He worked as an economist at the Environment Agency, HM Treasury, the (then) Department of the Environment (DOE) and the OECD. He was the DOE’s economic adviser on climate change and participated in IPCC meetings in the preparation of the First UNFCCC. He is renowned for diligence, rigour and going the extra mile to deliver sound economic analyses and advice focused on the customer’s particular situation and needs.

Johnathan helps achieve efficient climate change adaptation by advising on economic analyses and appraisals of projects, programmes and policies; and training and mentoring teams to carry out economic appraisals and analyses. In particular, he has extensive experience of economic aspects of the climate change implications for integrated water and flood risk management and impacts of environmental policies and strategies on economic growth.