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Acclimatise / Consulting

World-leading climate change adaptation consulting services


Acclimatise focuses exclusively on climate change adaptation. That makes us leaders in our field, and our work is shaping the adaptation agenda across the world. 

Our consulting team advises private and public sector clients on how to make their policies, projects, portfolios and assets resilient to a changing climate. Acclimatise has helped formulate adaptation strategies for some of the world’s leading institutions and biggest global brands, ensuring they make the very best decisions, even in the face of future climate uncertainty.

Acclimatise understands the implications a changing climate poses for the physical environment, vulnerable communities, infrastructure and the regulatory and legal frameworks. For our clients, we interpret this knowledge within the context of their own strategies, processes, performance indicators, capabilities, customers and suppliers.

We understand the issues that matter to you and can offer unique benefits. It is becoming increasingly important to demonstrate to investors, shareholders and other interested parties that your organisation is taking action to manage the risks of a changing climate. We can offer you this benefit. Today.

Our consulting team is expert in:


  • Building the business case for adaptation
  • Making assets climate resilient
  • Strengthening global supply chains
  • Training and communication
  • Supporting climate adaptation finance, enhancing returns on investment and identifying business opportunities
  • Helping mainstream adaptation into governance structures
  • Enabling governments and regional administrators to plan and implement adaptation appropriately and efficiently
  • Guiding climate compatible international development
  • Supporting global forestry, land-use management and REDD+


We've worked with these organisations and many others